The art of transformation: reconciliation with oneself

My story

Weight has long been an enemy that I wanted to fight, it prevents me in my opinion, from being who I wanted to be. An icy image of magazines, a body that I could show without feeling rejected. My meeting with sport to facilitate the transformation of my image, my reflection. A positive change in terms of my will, my courage and my ambition. Yet something I miss, the feeling of being in total agreement with myself. It was through my travels that I discovered meditation and all its virtues. It brought me balance and better grounding, allowed me to make the right choices both in my professional and personal life, with the necessary perspective for better management of emotions. Today, my goal is to transmit and benefit all those who want it, how to access well-being, positivity in his daily life and to make the right choices.


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 « Les grandes choses sont faites d'un ensemble de petites choses »


Vincent van Gogh

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